We are a society working to live. Can we change (1)

We are a society working to live. Can we change?

by Peter Burke // June 21, 2023  

Work-Life Balance: Finding Harmony Between Work and Life

We are living in a society that dreams of wealth and success. We want to be rich, famous, and successful to live our best life. But the quest for this is damaging our society. So are we living lives or just working to live?

Work to live, or live to work?

We are a society working to live. Can we change

There is a difference between working to live and living to work. Work and life are very different, and we must recognize the distinction. One shouldn’t be instead of the other; however, many people feel as though they have no choice but to choose one or the other. The cost of living and pressures on us demand it.

Work-life balance is a topic that comes up frequently in conversations at work or among friends because we all want to enjoy our lives and find meaning in what we do every day. And while this may seem like an easy thing to do—we can’t just go home after work and switch off! So how do you ensure there’s still room for enjoyment within its structure (or even outside of it)? Take care of yourself first, then worry about how much money you’ll make later. Easier said than done; I hear you say.

Working too hard means missing out on other essential areas of life

We are a society working to live. Can we change

If you’re spending all of your time working, it means that you’re not happy. If you don’t enjoy your job, this will likely affect how hard you work. On the other hand, if you are exhausted and overworked, then it is likely that this will also affect the quality of work that employees do.

If people feel like they have no control over their lives, they are more likely to feel depressed and stressed out with no control over their circumstances (even if those circumstances weren’t ideal).

We all need to take a step back from our careers sometimes; otherwise, we run the risk of burning out entirely or feeling resentful towards our colleagues and employers. Or worse, our family and loved ones.

Not everyone can afford to take time off

We are a society working to live. Can we change

Not everyone can take time off. While it’s easy for those with high-paid jobs that allow for travel and flexibility, many people cannot afford to take a week off from work and get away from it. 

Travelling is expensive, especially if you’re taking kids with you or have other financial obligations such as a mortgage or family members who depend on your income. Some people also have chronic illnesses or disabilities that limit their ability to travel long distances without difficulty.

There are also people without savings accounts; they don’t want to spend money on something frivolous when there are bills to pay and food on the table.

Enjoying life doesn’t have to be expensive

We are a society working to live. Can we change

Many of us have forgotten how to enjoy life in a world where we are busy working to live. We think that to enjoy our life, we need to spend money. But this is not the case! Unfortunately, this is the society we see around us on social media. 

Instead of buying things, we should focus on building memories and experiences with our loved ones. Have fun in nature or start new hobbies. These activities will bring you closer as a family and make for great stories later in life when you look back at them together.

Sometimes the only solution is to make a change

We are a society working to live. Can we change

All of the above is well and good, but what if you cannot leave your job? What if it’s taking a toll on your health, time with family and friends, or happiness? Then you must find a different solution; spending time in nature won’t cut it.

Sometimes we need to do something drastic to fix our problems. Sometimes we need to make changes for other parts of our life (like our career or the place we live) to improve or even stay afloat. For example, if you have a job that is causing anxiety or stress because of its demands on your time and energy, then maybe it’s time for some self-care by finding another position that allows for more balance between work responsibilities and personal obligations. Perhaps when you come home from work, your neighbourhood brings even more stress. Noisy neighbours or miles away from family and friends. These pressures will get you more focused on the job you hate.

What’s essential in life?

We are a society working to live. Can we change

Many of us have a very mundane everyday life. Most days, when you leave the house, you go to work and then come home again. Spend most evenings and weekends in front of a screen, and it doesn’t have to be that way! It could change where you live or work, and it’s a choice.

We all value things in our lives more than money or fame: family, friends, and health are just some of them. We also have hobbies that make us happy, maybe even creative outlets through which we express ourselves spatially (art) or verbally (music).

We enjoy travel because it broadens our minds and helps us connect with other cultures and learn about new places and people worldwide – whether travelling alone or on holiday with friends or family members; whatever works best for everyone involved!

Work-life balance is essential when it comes down to living well, but sometimes balancing all these things together is difficult, especially if work takes up so much time during weekdays. In contrast, weekends should be time to relax at home, with downtime together without distractions! However, without working hard firstly, we can’t afford to live, never mind the fun, so both feel like they need each other equally for quality living conditions throughout life’s stages. This is the broken system we can’t escape.


What a complicated topic, and I don’t claim to have all the answers. However, I know that we need to find a balance between work and life. If you feel your job is taking over everything else in your life, then maybe it’s time to make some significant changes. 

But also, how can your home life be improved with small or subtle changes by the people you have around your community or neighbourhood? Maybe, it’s something an intentional community can bring you. 

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