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Plus new Co-Living Opportunites - the alternative to HMOs

We have two live sites and a new co-living opportunity.  Details are coming but we recommend you get yourself on the waitlist now.  Don't worry there's no obligation whatsoever, it just makes sure if you are interested that you're not at the back of the queue. 

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The Power of building Co-Housing Communities

Imagine a society where everyone has a voice, where sustainability meets community, and where you can take ownership of what truly matters.

UK Cohousing Opportunities

Individual Homes

Each resident has their own private, eco-friendly house with personal outdoor space. The houses are designed with sustainability in mind. Get involved in the design and truly make it your own. Check out some examples of eco-village projects below.

UK Cohousing Opportunities

Communal Areas

As well as your personal outdoor space, co-housing communities also feature shared areas and amenities that help foster community life, such as communal gardens, allotments and even shared indoor areas when the weather isn't agreeable!

UK Cohousing Opportunities

Shared Community

Each project and development is built to ensure everyone is included in a connected community, promoting social interaction and engagement as well as pratical sharing of utilities such as renewable energy and community grown organic food.

UK Cohousing Opportunities

Eco-friendly sustainability

Co-housing communities place a strong emphasis on sustainability. Homes are designed for high environmental performance, with onsite cost effective, renewable energy sources and a layout that encourages walking and cycling.

Examples of UK Eco-village / co-housing projects

Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland

UK Cohousing Opportunities

An inspiring community of 80, built on permaculture principles and recognized globally for its charitable initiatives.

Read more about Findhorn Ecovillage

Lammas Ecovillage, Pembrokeshire

UK Cohousing Opportunities

A thriving community of 75, living harmoniously on a farm, exemplifying the essence of cohousing.

Read more about Lammas Ecovillage

How A Fairer Society Supports Your UK Cohousing Journey

Your needs as an individual, community or even workplace are at the heart of what we do. 

As expert educators as well as developers of sustainable eco-friendly, co-housing communities, you will find all the resources you need to take an idea, dream or even just a passing thought and turn it into reality. 

The best part is we will guide you through every step. 

So, what's your first step?  

Better Places to Live

Review your current living situation with our one minute quiz.  Check out our latest articles on cohousing inititives & download our free guide to creating and owning. 

Join our Community

Make sure you register for our newsletter and download our cohousing guide and when you're ready, get in touch and we'll create a community group.

Get inspiration

Take a look at the latest cohousing projects and land opportunites to get inspiration and maybe even get involved to create your community vision.

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“A fair and just society offers equality of opportunity to all. But it cannot promise, and should not try to enforce, sameness.”

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