Thriving and Resilient Community

Empower Your Neighbourhood with Collaborative Action and Resources for a Sustainable Future.  And we're here to help you...

We Are Residents, Professionals, Funders, And Activists, Building A Better World Together, Starting In Our Neighbourhoods.

Strong communities with healthy relationships, a culture of mutual aid, and a united voice are better equipped to face crises. We aim to help create such neighborhoods.

Do you care about your neighborhood, your community and its residents?

Are you involved in local activities like litter picking, gardening, or helping at a food bank?

Thriving & Resiliant Community - litter picking
Thriving & Resiliant Community - food bank help

You may face challenges like limited resources, lack of expert advice, or external organizations imposing their methods.

Don’t worry. We can help.

Our expert team can help you find the resources and support you need for your community projects. Simply share information about your neighbourhood, ongoing initiatives, and the assistance you require. We'll connect you with organisations or offer direct help when possible. We'll also follow up to ensure your progress and address any additional needs.

Discover Help & Resources to Enhance Your Existing Initiatives and Collaborate with Neighbours

If you need help with organising, we can help you find that too.

  • Tell us a bit about your neighbourhood, what you and your neighbours are working on, and what kind of resources or help you need.
  • We'll put you in touch with organisations that are focused on helping people do the sort of thing you're working on, and they'll offer help with skills or money or whatever it is you need. Or if we can, we'll help directly.
  • We'll check back with you to see how it's going, and if there's anything else you need.
Margaret J. Wheatley

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about"

Holistic Community Development

Our First Projects

We are helping community connectors help their neighbours and make their neighbourhoods better.

We are offering the following types of support:

  • Helping connectors to find the professional expertise and free support they need in the CTRL Shift partners network and among other organisations serving Bristol neighbourhoods.
  • Providing direct training and support to connectors who are interested in the SONEC or Children's Parliaments models.
  • Working with our funding partners, Social Change Nest, and fundraisers to deliver small direct grants to community connectors.

Want Our Help?

If you are helping your neighbours or making your neighbourhood a better place, we want to help. Please get in touch. We will ask about what you need. Then we will either help you find the professionals who can help, or we will work with you directly.

Information about Holistic Community Development

We lead and support projects through AFS,CTRL Shift and SONEC with a wide range of partners. Our projects are holistic, community led, and co-produced.

Holistic Thriving & Resiliant Community
Holistic Community

Our world is full of community initiatives, and economic regeneration, and environmental commitments

When these are disconnected they become pointless box-ticking exercises. We need to address the whole person, and the whole community, by running programmes that are connected, from planning-through delivery-through reporting.

Thriving & Resiliant Community
Community Led

In our projects community representatives lead.

Countless development initiatives deliver what works for funders, or what works for development professionals, and miss what communities need. 

Thriving & Resiliant Community

Community members must be involved for any development initiative to succeed.

We also need professionals who know how to create positive change and funders who can provide resources, wise counsel, and accountability. By bringing all three groups together in a professionally facilitated series of creative conversations, we enable each group to lead from their areas of expertise, and to be led by the others. The result? Projects based on community needs and inspiration, with the active participation of the benefitting community, informed by the best of what has worked in other places, supported by people who have already done it in those places, and fuelled by funders who have been part of the process from the start.

Are You Interested in a Thriving & Resiliant Community?

Are you a development professional? Or do you work for a funding organisation?

We want to work with you to support communities. 

This is NOT a request for funding. Instead, we want to support you, and partner with you, to support local people making a difference where they live. If you’re interested in finding out more about holistic community development, CTRL Shift, SoNeC, and how we can succeed together, let’s chat!

Coretta Scott King

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.

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