Thriving Connected Communities

How can you live in A Fairer Society? Well, it just got a lot easier.

by Peter Burke // May 9, 2023  

Thriving Connected Communities in A Fairer Society

You must feel there is a better, more resilient, healthier way to live. And there are lots of people already doing it or working towards this life. 

The 24-hour rolling news cycle, aided by social media, means we are constantly distracted by a new crisis. Each situation creates more division as everyone has an opinion on the news, on our social feeds, at work, and in the coffee shop. Housing problems, energy prices, toxic workplaces, isolation, and loneliness are all around us. Unfortunately, a lot of this is hidden. Especially if your life is fast-paced, working hard or surviving.

The systems we rely on run by government and business, the ones we look to for support, or guidance, are not helping most of us anymore. You can think you’re doing okay, but when you peel back a few layers, things can suddenly get a bit shaky. So most of us pretend not to notice or ignore the realities and do our best to live as best we can. 

Can our systems be fixed?

Thriving Connected Communities

Solving these complex, systemic, and, frankly, scary crises is not an easy task for anyone. Just look at those in power who seem to be the causes of some of these issues! 

Who is on our side; me, you and our neighbours, friends and family? It all gets too political, and there is a feeling or sense of inaction. The powers that be circle the real issues when it seems obvious or doable to do the right thing. Our opinion is that capitalism has gone too far, and the fairer way of doing things is to own it together, hold the problems and come up with the solutions. 

Build more energy-efficient homes, generate on-site renewable energy, focus on connected communities (not car-dominated housing estates), and foster ways for people to live, work and play in their neighbourhoods by creating more green or amenity spaces. That is a way to go for us; as a starting point, it’s what we are working for, daily. 

Still, this approach seems radical when you see it in the news and on social media.

We have seen that positive actions seem like a nuisance or an inconvenience to those who have the power to create them as part of their housing, energy or community strategies in government and business. It’s left to people to pick up the pieces and try them themselves.

So, what brought you to our community? 

Are you looking to…

  1. Join a movement toward better places to live
  2. Create or become part of a thriving community
  3. Introduce sociocracy in the workplace
  4. All of the above!

Why do we think this is the time and place?

Thriving Connected Communities

A Fairer Society began with our desire to do something about housing choices. But that grew into workplaces and communities because of what we found and now know. They are all connected. And, they are all reliant on you, your neighbours and me – it’s a collective ‘we’. 

We live in houses, go to the shops, work in the factories, offices, or public services, and we are members of our community – whether that’s hobbies, spiritual activity, sports, arts or social. It’s us that prop up the whole of society. 

Everything is connected, happiness, health, economy, culture, community, land, nature, food, transport, consumption and how we govern ourselves all rely on one or the other in some way or form. So that’s why we must take back control. Politics is failing us, whatever colour your party is. 

But, we must take back control collectively, cooperatively and with the planet in mind. Not in a toxic way. It’s time for healthy power.

What is needed is a way to live in a community, a place or location that suits your life, so you can do your bit to live this way. We need to unshackle the old ways and believe we can design and build a life, whatever stage we are at, to fit our identity. Some of us might have lost that identity for many reasons, which is why we think capitalism has gone too far. It plays the game for something other than social, environmental and personal identity. We’ve forgotten how to be part of our tribe and neighbourhood – we’re too busy or disconnected from those around us.

If you could get all your neighbours to meet up and talk about some of these issues in your local neighbourhood, everyone would have their own opinion, and small clusters of you would care about the same things. Others wouldn’t. But it is proven that a stable connection dilutes the division – it balances the conversation. We don’t believe everyone should think the same. Hell NO! That would be a terrible, unfair, society. We need to learn how to listen again. Listen and talk without thinking we have to be correct; we’re all guilty in some way, shape or form. 

What do we do before it’s too late? Your next step…

Thriving Connected Communities

A Fairer Society creates the containers, groups or whatever you want to call them to help you connect, and then we provide you with the tools to get the job done. 

First, make a difference in what matters to you – at home, work or in your community. So connecting and joining in at some level is your next step. And you’ve made headway by reading this blog. 

We know it is not possible to get there in a short time. So slow and steady with real purpose for where we want to go. That is the name of our game and has to be yours too.

Imagine everything was marginally Fairer, Better, Healthier. You’d notice the changes immediately. 

Our way is to copy what works in business, but we use new ideas, technologies, and skills and put them in your hands, so you can healthily govern yourselves. Learn more about it here:

Not much will change in your day-to-day life by working alone. However, working together and with us will change things for the better. You will feel valued and loved and have a voice in what matters to you, so it is owned and controlled by you.

That’s A Fairer Society. That’s us, you and everyone together.

What can you do to improve your life and your community?

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