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A Fairer Society

We All Want To Live In A Fairer Society!

Where there's plenty to go around, where everyone has a voice in the issues that affect them, and where human thriving is good for the planet.

That dream starts with you.  Take our 1 minute Self Assessment with 9 simple questions and work with us to build a fairer society!

A Fairer Society Self Assessment

The first step to a Fairer Society , starts with you!

Take the 1-minute self-assessment below and get a score based on the nine questions asked, pointing the lens at your home, your opinion on climate and energy and whether you have what you need from the community you live in.

These quick questions could be the start of your own thriving community project and we would be thrilled if we can't help you achieve that goal. 

Once you've taken the A Fairer Society Self Assessment, you can find out more about our Better Places To Live initiative as well as infomative articles and blogs explaining how these projects work.  Keep your eyes out for our brand new guides showing you how to create and own together as people, neighbours and communities. 

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