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Current Properties


  • 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom big house. 
  • Light and Airy Living (kitchen, dining and hanging out) space.
  • 3 level garden space.
  • Parking on road
  • 25 minute walk to Hastings station
  • 11 minute walk to Ore Station
Coming soon... Big House Co-Living Sites

Chester & Pudsey

  • 4 - 10 Beds better than an HMO 
  • Amazing Communal Spaces to share with like-minded friends.
  • Garden & Exterior Spaces
  • Eco-Friendly Living
  • Great Locations
  • Designed with you in mind
Coming soon... Big House Co-Living Sites


  • 4 - 10 Beds better than an HMO 
  • Amazing Communal Spaces to share with like-minded friends.
  • Garden & Exterior Spaces
  • Eco-Friendly Living
  • Great Locations
  • Designed with you in mind

How It Works 

Big House Co-Living is more than just a place to live; it aims to redefine what shared living is all about. You invest time early on, so the culture and community is created by you, not us. This is so hard to find in the rental sector. Be part of designing a new way of living.


Live with friends or find new ones

You can come together with people you would like to live with, or we can assist you in finding like-minded people. 

Everything will be worked out before the house is ready to move into. We will guide you through the conversations you need to have in a safe space and help you make choices and decisions about how you will live together. This will ensure that everyone is comfortable. 

You will sign a tenancy agreement and move in, like any other rental property, but you will also be part of a tenant cooperative with decision-making powers over all our properties.


We find the house and do the hard work

We usually find the property and match you to one that suits your needs. We'll do the necessary work to make sure it's a comfortable place to live, which may include some refurbishment. Once we've found a suitable house, we'll rent it to you on favourable terms.

If you are currently renting a property you like, you could ask the landlord if they'd like it to become a Big House Coliving property. We can manage it for them and pay them a long-term rent.


You live in and manage the property like you own it

Have you been on the wrong end of unprofessional letting agents or landlords?

Big House Coliving is the solution you have been looking for.

With us, you can manage the property on a day-to-day basis as if it were your own. While we are always ready to assist you in resolving any issues related to the property or your housemates, the primary responsibility of dealing with such problems lies with you.

What is Big House Co-Living?

  • Redefining Shared Living

Big House Co-Living is not just a living space; it's a revolutionary concept designed to redefine how we think about shared living. Everything is based on the housing cooperative. 

Our approach combines the privacy of traditional housing with the vibrant spirit of community living. Here, you enjoy the comfort of your own private space while being part of a larger, supportive community. 

  • Designed for Connection and Sustainability

Each Big House is crafted with the principles of sustainability at its core—from energy-efficient buildings to shared resources that lower our collective carbon footprint. Our spaces are intentionally designed to foster connections among residents, with ample communal areas that encourage interactions and forge lasting bonds. This is where eco-friendly living meets a supportive community network, creating a lifestyle that's not only good for the planet but also enriching for all its members.

  • Embrace a New Way to Live

Whether you're tired of the isolation typical of modern urban dwellings or seeking a more engaged and sustainable way of life, Big House Co-Living offers an alternative that aligns with your values and aspirations. Join us to experience a new way of living where community and individual well-being go hand in hand.

Benefits of Big House Co-Living

Tenants | Landlords | Investors

For Tenants: Community and Sustainability at Your Doorstep

Enjoy living with like-minded individuals who share your passion for a sustainable lifestyle. Big House Co-Living is not just about renting a space; it's about participating in a community that cares. Here, you manage the home together, fostering a sense of ownership rarely found in traditional rentals. Our properties are designed with ecological principles, featuring sustainable water systems, low waste solutions, and energy-efficient materials to ensure a minimal environmental impact.

For Investors: Ethical Investments with Tangible Returns

Invest in a future where real estate meets ethical standards and environmental consciousness. Big House Co-Living properties are renovated to exceed current building regulations, ensuring they stand the test of time and changes in environmental policies. As an investor, you benefit from properties that attract responsible tenants committed to maintaining their homes, resulting in stable, long-term returns.

For Landlords: Transform Your Property into a Thriving Community

Convert your large properties into eco-efficient spaces that draw a community of dedicated tenants. With Big House Co-Living, your property becomes part of a larger movement towards sustainable living, enhancing its value and appeal in today’s rental market. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having engaged, community-minded tenants who take pride in their living environment, ensuring reliable returns on your investment.

Our Co-Living Model Explained

At Big House Co-Living, we simplify the journey to communal living with a structured yet flexible model designed to foster community and sustainable living:

1. Integrated Community Design: Each Big House is designed to enhance interaction while ensuring personal space. Communal areas are spacious and inviting, promoting shared activities and gatherings.

2. Sustainable Living Practices: We implement eco-friendly solutions such as solar energy, water recycling systems, and communal gardens that reduce the environmental footprint and promote a sustainable lifestyle.

3. ReThink Community Program: New residents participate in an 8-week introductory program that prepares them for the communal living experience. This program covers everything from spatial needs to community engagement, ensuring everyone contributes to and thrives in their new home.

Community Engagement and Governance

- Shared Ownership and Decision Making: Residents have a voice in the management and evolution of their living environment, fostering a true sense of ownership and belonging.

- Continuous Support: From onboarding to daily living, our team ensures that all residents are supported, and the community's standards are upheld.

It’s easy to join!

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Success Stories

A driving force behind our search for a co-housing community.

“ Peter Burke has been a driving force behind our search for a co-housing community. He goes above and beyond with his time and input, energising our spirits when they flag. He offers practical solutions and invaluable guidance in areas of complexity - these include land finding and the intricacies of planning permission. We are very grateful for his support and know that with his help our objective will be achieved. ”

Rethink Community for A Fairer Society
David & Sandra
Community Members

I really value the team alongside us... creating a cohousing community.

“ Working with ReThink, I often feel that they're about 8 steps ahead of me, knowing what I am thinking and why, and this helps me make sense of things and feel confident in navigating the challenges ahead. I really value the team being alongside us as we plot our way through this journey, and it's such a great resource that the work of creating a cohousing community isn't adding additional lists of to do's and stress to my life, but is getting done. I appreciate that their hard work and tireless effort means I have more time to attend to my life whilst knowing that they are helping to build us a future living in community.”

Sarah Moody
Community Member

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