Healthy Workplaces

Transform your organisation into a healthy workplace to empower people in healthy ways through Transformative Strategy, Governance, and Leadership Consultancy.


Our principal, Nathaniel Whitestone, has been a certified coach since 2003.Nathaniel coined the phrase "Healthy Power", and his
clients celebrate the way that they are able to lead effectively while improving their relationships, their wellbeing, and the power of every person around them.Every coach on our team supports our clients through body-centered leadership practices and a deep personal practice of integrity.

"Congruent, powerful, safe, playful, knowledgeable, interested, interesting, loving and loveable. [...] I don't think anyone could be around Nate and not feel this [...] this is the space where transformation happens." Michael Bailey

"Nathaniel is an inspiration to work with - I've seen great evidence of concrete and lasting results from the work he's done with other companies as well as my own. His approach is formative, playful, magical and professional all rolled into one.I'd recommend him to anyone that needs to see the wood for the trees and find a fruitful path to follow for their own career, project or company team." Ellen De Vries

Transformational Consulting

Our team brought Sociocracy to the UK in 2007 and launched the world's first sociocratic cooperative management consultancy in 2009.

We can help you adopt consent-based and risk-aware decision-making, Lean, Agile, and Cooperative ways of organising a workplace, and help you gain the benefits of combining bottom-up and top-down organisational structures. If you want a "teal" organisation, talk with us.

Healthy Workplaces


We offer a wide range of experiential training. We can take you and your team from novice to practitioner to expert in Sociocracy, Cooperative working methods, Agile working methods, group facilitation (both small and large group), community organising, movement building, and culture change.

Although we have a library of training materials from 25 years of practice at the leading edge of organisational transformation, we are also happy to develop bespoke training with you, your team, your organisation, or your community in mind.

Healthy Workplaces


We can facilitate groups of any size.

Our extended team includes therapists, dance teachers, and shamans, as well as social scientists and experts in corporate governance.

Open Space Technology, World Cafe, Formal Consensus, or Sociocracy? We have been training facilitators for decades.

Cultural differences? Disabilities? Language issues?
We have worked with clients in North and South America, Subsaharan Africa, India, Australia, Japan, and of course multiple European countries. We can find the right experts to include any perspectives and bridge any gaps.

We can design a group process with you to enable large or small groups to develop strategy together, design products, launch projects, learn about and resolve quality issues, make policy, hire or fire employees, resolve conflicts - in short, to do anything humans might wish to do in a group.

Healthy Workplaces
Eric Clack
Founder and Managing Director of Bright

"Nate started working with Bright when we were in the process of trying to move away from an old-fashioned hierarchy (with two directors making most of the decisions), and were struggling with what to do instead.

We read about Sociocracy (and Holacracy), were intrigued but couldn't see a practical plan that we were sure would work. Nate helped us form a good plan and supported us at 3 levels: in our newly formed General Company Circle as facilitator and chief process guru, in the whole company as lead trainer for everyone to learn how we would govern ourselves (how to set the rules of the game) and as coach to founder, Eric Clack, and a number of other leaders around Bright.

The transition to Sociocracy (or Brightocracy as we call our version) has worked, and proved a durable way for us to run Bright. No system is perfect, but what is uplifting is that we can share and solve the tensions together.The results speak for themselves: we've seen greater participation in leadership roles, enthusiasm for rep'ing, much greater engagement from everyone around Bright in leadership factors – to name 3: budgets, competing product priorities, hybrid working policies – in short we've become a more sustainable business with much greater spread of the leadership expertise across the company.

It is hard to see how we'd have done this without Nate and his enthusiasm for healthy power, his hands-on approach and commitment to help us make progress, even when we were sometimes surrounded by tensions.

Simon Sinek

Work Culture matters.  How management chooses to treat it's people impacts everything for better or worse.


We have decades of experience and a global team, centered in the UK. We have worked with global companies, small charities, tech startups, cooperatives, and rural African entrepreneurs.

You are an ethical leader. You're already trying to build a better world and a healthy workplace.

What do you need next?   Can we help?

(Our needs assessment conversation holds no obligation to you.)

Transformation Professionals

You are passionate about creating workplaces and organisations that are good for all the people involved, and good for the planet.

You are already a skilled and successful professional, possibly expert in more than one of the following areas: agile, lean, Sociocracy, body-centered leadership and transformation, cooperative ownership and working, employee ownership, systems-centered or internal family systems therapy, mindfulness, conscious movement, Theory U, Aikido, or permaculture.

You are ready to make a more profound contribution, and to enjoy the benefits.

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