The Game of Snakes and Ladders to Greener Living

The Game of Snakes and Ladders to Greener Living

by Peter Burke // July 18, 2023  

Greener Living and being eco-consious can be really hard. It can feel like a real life game of snakes and ladders but doing it together can a difference. Let’s find out how ↓

Confronting the Eco-Conscious & Greener Living Challenge

Greener living

Embracing an eco-conscious lifestyle often feels like playing a real-life game of snakes and ladders. We all understand the importance of minimizing our impact on the planet, yet this effort often feels like a constant uphill battle. Despite our best intentions for greener living, systemic issues often set us back, such as the lack of commitment from governments and corporations, and the sheer ubiquity of non-recyclable plastics. It can seem overwhelming, and at times, like hitting the top of the snake and sliding back down, we’re tempted to give up.

House Building Industry: A Key Emitter

The Game of Snakes and Ladders to Greener Living

One industry where this struggle is particularly evident is house building, known for being one of the top emitters of carbon. At A Fairer Society, we aim to disrupt this trend, committed to creating eco-conscious and greener living housing solutions. Yet, making a dent in such a colossal industry is a monumental challenge.

Overcoming the Challenge: Our Three-Pronged Approach

The Game of Snakes and Ladders to Greener Living

To tackle this greener living / eco-conscious journey effectively, we’ve developed a three-pronged approach for our housing development projects.

  1. Collective Approach: When like-minded people come together with a shared goal, they can make significant strides in their eco-journey. We facilitate the creation of such groups, fostering collaborative action and accelerating change.
  2. Finding Your Tribe: It’s essential to find people who walk the talk. We focus on bringing together individuals who aren’t merely eco-conscious in theory but practice sustainable living in their daily lives. This commitment ensures that our collective approach doesn’t falter, and we keep moving towards our shared goals.
  3. Intentionality: Finally, we encourage our community to be intentional in their eco-efforts. Setting clear, achievable goals to tread lighter on the planet can create a powerful momentum for change. When you find people who share this intention, the collective impact can be incredible.

Together, We Can Make a Difference

The Game of Snakes and Ladders to Greener Living

Becoming eco-conscious may be challenging, but it’s not impossible. With a collective approach, the right team, and clear intentions, we can climb the ladders of eco-conscious / greener living together. While we may encounter snakes along the way, they are merely setbacks, not endpoints. Remember, every small step taken is a victory for our planet. Follow us for more on our journey towards a fairer, more sustainable society.

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