Everything you need to know about our ReThink Community

Everything you need to know about our ReThink Community

by Peter Burke // December 14, 2023  

Who is best suited for a resident-led housing project? And, more importantly, how do you start? Plus, everything in between.  

Getting your mind, attitude and outlook aligned so you can immerse yourself in an approach that most people will tell you won’t work or is too hard is why we created the ReThink Community.

Believe us. It’s not impossible. That is what this blog lays out for you, it delves inside the community and what you’ll get out of it so you can be 100% in or out…

The community to help create “Your Community”

Everything you need to know about our ReThink Community

We have a tried and tested process of bringing together people interested in cohousing, a resident-led intentional community. 

When you arrive at joining, there will likely be doubts about how to make it. That’s natural. The house-building process is a minefield of complexity, and one you won’t want to approach alone. We break it down. We will help you explore what you need to know in the correct order, and the time saved by doing this will be one of the most valuable decisions of your life. 

You might even decide all this is not for you and go and buy/rent another home. That is priceless.

One step at a time, starts with you.

First thing first, you have to spend time on yourself. You have to explore yourself, then your household and the lives you currently live and compare them to how it could be if you got what you wanted or needed. 

Sounds easy! But it’s not, because what questions do you ask yourself? What problems are you experiencing that can be changed or made better? 

Let’s find the others that think like you

Once you’ve spent time looking at the problems and solutions out there, you have to be sure you find others in the same boat as you. 

The strength drawn from those like you will help you to keep going and support one another in some of the more wobbly phases when creating, building and owning homes together. 

Think of these steps like a dating service. First, we bring you together for the first date by profiling your wants, needs and purpose. Then, by providing places to meet and get to know each other, you can work out whether you go on the second and third dates! Then you might start a relationship. 

In terms of what we do, we know it will cut out time-wasting and even more so getting to an advanced stage and realising the people around you aren’t the right fit.

So, why join the ReThink Community? What will you get?

Everything you need to know about our ReThink Community
  • A feeling of togetherness, it’s essential to be connected and more than just an online community; we support and help members create in-person meet-ups.
  • Q&A sessions with the experts who bring our process to life, the professionals. Those who design, plan and build a sustainable living solution with a foundation in One Planet Living principles.
  • We lead live workshops and training for you as a member to support you in creating your community. 
  • Added value content + resources, like legal, financial and marketing support. Proven solutions that aren’t conventional but much more human. They exist. You don’t know it yet.
  • Mini Courses, checklists and worksheets help simplify your journey and achieve your goals more quickly. But most importantly will help you connect and engage with others in the Community.
  • Once you’ve joined, we help you create your blueprint for your home, including location, which starts fueling our land search.
  • And the cherry on the cake — Exclusive access to land opportunities. Without this, the rest is a fruitless exercise and will drain away energy.

You have access to a private online Community where you and we can share stories and inspire each other’s journey. When we take care of ourselves first, everything else falls into place effortlessly! 

So if you’re looking for a safe place where like-minded people can connect & learn together, then this is it.

Online & In person

Everything you need to know about our ReThink Community

Online Community is everywhere now, and we spend a lot of time in groups on social media or other virtual spaces with people who share our likes and interests. 

But in-person meet-ups also work well; they are crucial to your success in working out who you would or wouldn’t want to live with in the future! The meet-ups allow strong bonds to be formed.

We also work with a network of community organisations to help you find locations to meet and local ambassadors who support the meet-ups to run smoothly. They can be as formal or informal as you like.

Live Q&A sessions

Everything you need to know about our ReThink Community

Live Q&A sessions are a great way to connect with experts in the field and learn more about their work. You’ll get inspired by the professionals who can make all this a reality. They also dream of creating resident-led communities. They are tired of the same old churned out. You are their energy. You can submit questions before, during, or after the event. 

These regular rituals will highlight and go through the ten principles of One Planet Living, showing real-life solutions in action.

Co-Create- community workshops

Everything you need to know about our ReThink Community

These sessions focus on the principles of Community and how you want yours to look, feel and operate. There are many working parts to bringing a group of people together. We will address these from our own experiences and those living this way. 

Here’s how:

  • Participation is essential, but you can only truly participate if your voice is heard and taken seriously. We show you how and provide the tools and expertise to learn and implement this approach. This means you make decisions together and therefore don’t waste time.
  • It’s essential to know and understand how to run your meetings. As a part of the ongoing learning, we support anyone who wants the opportunity to get experience by facilitating some of the sessions, We’re there to support this and co-facilitate. 

Why might this community not be for you?

Everything you need to know about our ReThink Community

If you’re actually quite happy where you live and how you live, then it’s unlikely you’ll get much from the community. 

You don’t like challenging yourself or changing much, if it sounds like too much effort it’s not for you.

You’re prepared to put up with what you have as you feel like it would be hard work, you certainly need to commit to doing something, we take away the tough tasks and professional work, but you still need to show up. So if that’s too much, you won’t get anything from the community.

Join our community!

The mainstay of any online community is a place where you can share your story and learn new ideas from the comfort of your own home or while you’re on the move.  Our community spaces have both access via desktop or mobile browsers and an app.

Everything we’ve discussed starts with a free online community. This can rise to £15 a month if you choose to learn and get access to the professional support needed to bring these projects to life.

If you go a bit further, then there are other costs associated with designing and building homes – but we deal with all of this in the ReThink Community. We also have opportunities for those looking at co-living – an alternative to HMOs.

We work hard on helping those conversations flow with simple guidelines so you know what to post about and how to engage and find your people, and we’re there every step of the way. 

We promise to be present, engage and support every step of the way. We are a community of people who are passionate about learning and doing. We have a track record of helping people learn new things. 

  1. Learn more about yourself through our Better Places to Live Quiz. 
  2. Then, complete one of our upcoming Bootcamps or Challenges and consume some of our blogs before you jump in. 
  3. We’ve also got a Buyer’s Guide, which contrasts and compares how you can achieve this resident-led approach to house building, so no stone is left unturned.

If you do all this, we can be sure you’ll hit the ground running and be ready to take action when that perfect piece of land surfaces.

The foundation to real success in the quickest time possible is your mindset and belief there is another way.

So be in the game, contribute to making this happen, and start now!

Join the ReThink Community now

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Peter Burke
Co-Founder A Fairer Society

Co Founder of A Fairer Society. Peter has a vision of living in a fairer society, where there's plenty to go around, where everyone has a voice in the issues that affect them, and where humans thrive togther.

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