A Fairer Society

What’s Our Backstory?

In 2015, Peter was tired of his finance broker role after peeking behind the curtain for many years and not really liking what he saw regarding how many developers cut corners and failed on quality in the name of profit.

Peter saw considerable opportunities to disrupt the house-building sector–primarily with green technologies. Peter set out to create something fairer and more weighted in favour of buyers.

In 2016, Peter met Nate through an associate, immediately recognising how well their purpose and vision aligned.

Our Purpose

A Fairer Society places your needs and interests at the heart of important decisions, where they are most affected.

Our purpose is to help you take ownership of the things that matter most (housing, food, energy, transport, local business and politics) and run them in a deeply collaborative way.

We want to drive systemic change, helping to solve the issues impacting every one of us. such as the housing, climate, and energy crises.

Our vision is to build a fairer society together. 

Peter Burke
Peter Burke

Business start-up coach & Finance broker.

My role in A Fairer Society:

1. Facilitating the mindset of making finance easy to obtain for sustainable housing and other similar asset-based community projects. Using the same processes that profit-inspired businesses use, but in a more healthy way that benefits customers, stakeholders and partners.

2. Taking assets into a community and/or cooperative ownership.

3. Challenging the conventional affordability model, creating economic diversity through community and society.

Nathaniel Whitestone

Governance expert; OD/OT consultant; executive coach; angel investor.

What draws me to A Fairer Society:

1. My life purpose is supporting the transition to a world where healthy power (rather than toxic ways of being powerful) is the norm.

2. I love working with complex systems and helping people create a path through them to satisfying solutions to their challenges that only they could find.

3. Any worthwhile revolution has to be playful and built on integrity. Let’s play!

Christina Hoff Sommers

“A fair and just society offers equality of opportunity to all. But it cannot promise, and should not try to enforce, sameness.”

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