A Fairer Society

We all want to live in a fairer society, where there's plenty to go around, where everyone has a voice in the issues that affect them, and where human thriving is good for the planet.

We can help you get there.

Want cohousing, green building, self-build, community-led or co-production housing, cooperative ownership, or mutual home ownership?

Want Sociocracy, employee ownership, Lean, Agile, Open Space Technology, organisational integrity, cooperative ownership, consent-based and risk-aware decision-making, large or small group event design or facilitation, high-integrity leadership, lean startup, triple-bottom-line strategy, or the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals for business?

Want neighbourhood parliaments, sociocratic neighbourhood circles, transition towns, sociocratic intentional community, 2030 Sustainable Development Goals for community, resiliency forums, or effective local emergency response?


A Fairer Society logo: three houses in a circle, symbolising home, work, and community in a fairer society.

We help people take ownership of the things that matter most to them (like housing, energy, food, transport, local business, local politics) and run them in deeply collaborative ways.

Want cohousing? Sociocracy? Cooperatives? Neighbourhood Parliaments? Strategy for the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals? Come to us.

Diversity Policy
A lot of our clients are white, middle-class, university educated, and born in England. A lot aren't. Regardless of where you come from, what you look like, how you worship or don't worship, what gender you call yourself and who you're attracted to, you are welcome here. If you have disabilities, we'll do our best to help you overcome them as we build a fairer society together.

Of course, we make mistakes all the time. If you work with us, we ask you to give us clear feedback, and be open to receiving our feedback. Together we can build the world we want to live in, one community at a time.


We are always happy to hear from you.

A Fairer Society is a trading name of AFS Catalyst LTD, a sociocratic worker cooperative. We are incorporated in England as a company limited by shares, reg number 11900893. Our registered office is 104 Tower Ride Uckfield TN22 1NS.

You can send healthy snacks, board games, and other gifts for us to that address!

But please don't just knock on the door.
We need people to make appointments, due to the pandemic and the privacy of patients at a clinic that shares our office premises.

AFS Privacy and Data Policy

This policy covers not only this website, but all activities of AFS Catalyst, Ltd. When we say "we", "our", "AFS", or "us" in this policy, we are referring to AFS Catalyst, Ltd.

Our purpose is to help people create a fairer society, one community at a time.

How we gather data

We gather data through online tools such as TypePad, Google Forms, Eventbrite, Facebook groups and pages, and Mighty Networks. These online tools enable us to offer questionnaires, sell events and training programmes, and otherwise handle your data as described below. We also store some of your data in Google Drive, and on our individual work devices such as laptops and phones.

How we store and process data

In every case, wherever we store your data, it is password protected and visible only to people on our team who actually need to see it in order to do what we describe below. We use cloud services such as those listed above because we believe that they will do a good job of securing your data. This means that your data may be stored in data-centers around the world. However, we also do our best only to store data about you that we actually need. We don’t believe that the data we store is especially risky for you, even if somehow one of the services we use, or one of our devices, gets hacked, and we are careful not to store information (such as your credit cards) that we think might be more risky for you.

We ask for, and process, different data depending on what role you play in our mission.

People interested in the movement

You have given us permission to stay in touch with you, to tell you how you can build a fairer society, tell you what other people are doing, and to offer you access to resources that might be valuable to in creating a fairer society. This might be called marketing or it might be called movement building, but whatever we call it the important thing is that we always get your permission before we do it.

If you ever want us to do it differently - more or less often, focused on connecting you with different resources - we will try to satisfy your request. If you would rather that we just not share news and resources with you, please let us know and we will stop. The easiest and most reliable way to do this is by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link on an email we send you.

We keep track of your contact details, your interests and communication preferences, and any permissions you have granted us or requests you have made to us, in order to deliver what you have asked for.

People committed to the movement

Everything we do, we do in order to help you (our committed members) create a fairer society, one community at a time.

If you are committed to creating a fairer society, this means you have asked us to help you -- you may have paid for one of our programmes, you may have offered to volunteer, or you may have taken up one of our free offers. In any case, in order to help you, we need to keep data about you and stay in touch with you.

We keep your contact details, including name, phone numbers, email addresses, and in some cases physical addresses. We keep track of what sort of world, society, and community you are trying to create. We keep track of what work you have done with us so far, and what we think you might most benefit from next.

We also keep records of our transactions with you in order to fulfill our legal requirements, such as paying appropriate taxes and complying with data protection laws. We keep track of any payments you have made to us and any permission you have granted to us to handle your data or get in touch with you.

Potential and Current Investors

If you have told us that you are interested in investing in AFS or in a project which is supported by AFS, we will keep track of our conversations with you and in what sort of projects you are interested in, what sort of investments you would prefer to make, and how you would like us to stay in touch with you. If someone tells us that you are interested, we will take your name and contact details and check with you whether you are in fact interested.

We have to do this in order to properly serve your interests as a potential or current investor as part of our agreement to serve you.

If it is clear that you are not interested, we will not bother you further, but we may keep notes on file of our interactions with you.

We keep track of who we have these conversations with and their interests because someday someone might try to defraud one of the other people or groups we serve, or defraud AFS, by posing as an investor. We think that is very unlikely based on the odds, but people do it! We also have a legal duty to know the people we are working with to prevent money laundering. We don’t think anyone will try to launder money through us but we still have to look out for it.

In order to protect everyone, and do our legal duty, we need to keep track of who we are dealing with. We believe that our records of a long term relationship provide more protection than the intrusive checks carried out by big companies, and are more fair to you.


If we believe you have significant influence over the other people we serve, or may potentially serve, we will keep track of your name, your contact details, your interests, and the channels by which you influence people, such as your publications, your social media accounts, or public events at which you speak.

We believe we have a legitimate interest in keeping track of this information, and that the material we track is already deliberately placed by you in the public domain.

AFS Staff and Volunteers

If we hire you as an employee, or start preparing to hire you as an employee, we will collect your contact details, information about your work history, and any financial, accounting, and government identity document details required to decide whether to hire you and then to legally employ you.

For all AFS staff, including contractors and volunteers, we keep track of contact details, of the roles you play for AFS, of your performance in those roles, and of any accidents or significant negative incidents which occur (either because of you or to you).

We do this to reduce a range of risks, including risk of harassment, risk of physical injury, risk of fraud, and risk of data breaches.