We need dreamers who are also doers.

Are you ready to accept the challenge of being and making the difference?

Are you prepared to share the happiness and challenges of community?

Can you commit time, skills and (some) money to building the community of your dreams?

Do you accept that you can’t do it alone?

We are here to bring you the expertise, the resources, and the proven methods that can make your dreams of affordable and eco-friendly community into a reality.

We help people come together, design a community, find the money, and build their homes.


If you are already doing it, or if you are ready to start, tell us now. We will help.

What do you need?

What do you need?

Let us connect you to people, skills, finance, and place.


Tell us about yourself, and the community you dream of living in, and we will help you find it or build it.
Are you ready to start?

From inspired individuals to healthy communities, we provide comprehensive support through the full process of creating a community. 


Design your life, your community, and your home.

We provide training and facilitation to help groups develop wise and creative designs together; we bring expert designers — experienced architects and permaculturists — to advise you; we model the whole project with sketches and virtual reality models so you can easily picture what it will all look like.

With the help of experts in community design and community governance, you will also design what you want the community life to be like, from what sort of things you might want to share with your neighbours to how often you might like to share community activities to how you want the shared resources and activities to be owned and managed.

With AFS Design, you can design it all, and know you will have a design that works.


Our primary aim is to not just raise you finance to build, but to also look at the ecosystem of your community – so you can become sustainable, without a big financial burden.

Including your personal skills and resources as individuals, collectively as a community and the environment around you.

Initially we are looking at the incorporation of a legal entity that works in tune with you as a community and then how we raise money to make the build happen.

We will connect you with the professionals you need, provide a clear road map, help you do all the paperwork, and advise you every step of the way.

To build a healthy community, you will need money. Don’t let the money be an obstacle! Let it be a solution, with the help of AFS Money.


Building a community involves a lot more than just putting up houses, but the construction process is a very big part of it.

We bring together builders with decades of experience in various green building techniques, supply chain management specialists, community energy and heating specialists, and our planning and design team, to make the whole process as fast and as easy as possible.

Some community groups will want to be involved in the landscaping or construction; others will want to save time and money with off-site construction.

Whatever your preferences, we can help your group make the right choices for you, and we can ensure that the actual homes and common areas of your community are built with the quality, speed, and affordability your plans require.

Community Development Programme

Before you have a community, you are a person with passion. You need allies and resources. Join our Community Development Programme to find others like you with whom you can build a community, and to get all the support you need every step of the way.
Community Development ProgrammeCommunity Development Programme